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Moneda de cobre

Modo de uso[editar]


Mimics the display of coin in the game. An optional formatting parámetro spaces the values equally to keep columns organized. Uses {{oro}}, {{plata}}, and {{cobre}} when output is not formatted.


Codigo Resultado
{{Moneda|0}} Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|1}} Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|12}} 12 Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|100}} Plata
{{Moneda|1234}} 12 Plata 34 Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|10000}} Oro
{{Moneda|10001}} Oro 1 Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|120034}} 12 Oro 34 Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|12345600}} 1234 Oro 56 Plata
{{Moneda|12345678}} 1234 Oro 56 Plata 78 Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|0|yes}} 0 Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|1|yes}} 1 Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|1200|yes}} 12 Plata 0 Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|12345|yes}} 1 Oro 23 Plata 45 Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|12340000|yes}} 1234 Oro 0 Plata 0 Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|12345600|yes}} 1234 Oro 56 Plata 0 Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|12340001|yes}} 1234 Oro 0 Plata 1 Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda|12340601|yes}} 1234 Oro 6 Plata 1 Moneda de cobre
{{Moneda}} Moneda de cobre


Unnamed parámetro 1 (Required)
  • Number of cobre
  • A quick rule of thumb is to think of it as a format of gsscc as applicable, where 'g' is any greater number of oro, 'ss' is up to 99 plata, and 'cc' is up to 99 cobre. (1 Plata is equal to 100 Moneda de cobre and 1 Oro is 100 Plata, thus the number of oro pieces is per 10,000 cobre: 100 × 100.)
  • Negative values will return 0
  • Invalid input will bring up Moneda de cobre
Unnamed parámetro 2 (Optional)
  • Any value:
  • Include coins even if their value is 0
  • For use in tables such as merchants to keep organized and easily readable
  • Parámetro is ignored if input is invalid

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