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Esta plantilla usa Widget:Cronómetro de eventos para mostrar eventos dentro del juego tales como eventos de Heart of Thorns meta events, cima seca o jefes de mundo.

{{Cronómetro de eventos}}


Traducción necesaria para: el texto
1 parámetro sin nombre
Opcional. If given, this parametro will cause the widget to display the bar associated with the given abbreviation, e.g. ds to display the bar for Dragon's Stand. Multiple bars can be displayed by separating the value with a comma.
Available abbreviations: wb, hwb, dt, vb, ab, td, ds, ld, la, co, dv, or di. Multiple zones can be specified by separating with a comma, e.g. wb,hwb
Opcional. Can be used to add additional styling to the parent wrapper element. Don't wrap the parametro in quotes, the template does that already. Ejemplo to avoid clashing with infoboxes: style = margin-right: 280px;