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Este Widget muestra los jefes de mundo y meta eventos del juego.


Ver {{Cronómetro de eventos}}. Para el resultado final, ver Cronómetro de eventos.


Optional. Zone abbreviation. If provided, only the given zone will be displayed (and the compact viewing mode will be used). Valid options: 'wb', 'hwb', 'dt', 'vb', 'ab', 'td', 'ds', 'ld', 'la', 'co', 'dv', or 'di'.
Multiple zones can be specified by separating with a comma, e.g. 'wb,hwb'.


  • Checkboxes beneath the widget allow the selection of the following (please note these changes are not applied until the page is reloaded):
    • "Start with even UTC hours only" - as it says
    • "Compact view" - hides the headings and close bar [X]'s
    • "Hide chat links" - hides chat links from the World boss, Hardcore world boss, Ley-Line Anomaly and Lake Doric timers.
  • Rows can be dragged into a new sequence.
  • Rows can be deleted by clicking the [X] to the right of the heading.
  • Changes applied to the layout are remembered between sessions, but preferences can be reset using the "Reset saved preferences" button.