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Este Widget muestra los jefes de mundo y meta eventos del juego.



All of the below features can be undone by pressing the "Reset saved preferences" button, which reverts to the default appearance. Changes are otherwise tracked and remembered between browsing sessions.

Settings box
  • Checkboxes beneath the widget allow the selection of the following (please note these changes are not applied until the apply button is pressed):
    • "12 hour AM/PM" - displays times in 12 hour format with the AM/PM suffix.
    • "Compact times" - displays the times at the top of the page instead of beside every event. You can still find a specific event start time by hovering over the event.
    • "Compact headings view" - displays headings to the left instead of above each map meta. (No effect if headings are hidden)
    • "Hide categories" - hides the expansion category headings
    • "Hide headings" - hides the map meta headings
    • "Hide chat links" - hides chat links for events.
    • "Start with even UTC hours only" - as it says
Rearranging content
  • Rows can be dragged into a new sequence.
  • Rows can be deleted by clicking the [X] to the right of the heading.
Time shifting
  • Clicking on the "Next 2 hours" button will increment the current time by 2 hours, showing you events in the future.
  • Clicking on the "Previous" 2 hours" button will decrement the current time by 2 hours.
  • Moving back to the current 2 hour time-window will resume auto-update. Clicking on the red marker will also resume auto-update


Ver {{Cronómetro de eventos}}. Para el resultado final, ver Cronómetro de eventos.


Optional. Zone abbreviation. If provided, only the given zone will be displayed (and the compact viewing mode will be used). Valid options: 'wb', 'pvpat', 'hwb', 'dt', 'vb', 'ab', 'td', 'ds', 'ld', 'la', 'co', 'dh', 'er', 'de', 'dv', 'di', 'jb', 'tp', 'gv', or 'bm'.
Multiple zones can be specified by separating with a comma, e.g. 'wb,hwb'.