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Page made to figure out what things should be here that may not translate easily.

  • Resolved = 1Si
  • Unresolved = No
  • 1Si Blanco (objetivo) - currently exists and is linked too.
    • Without context, "Blanco (objetivo)" seems to be "Targetting (target)" and I guess there must be another one: Blanco (suelo) that would be "Targetting (ground)", hope that helps. Imagen de Aens :DSaelyth/Aens (Admin) discusión - 22:31 16 jul 2017 (CEST)
      • Have found the word "Apuntar" in a few places. It means aim. Might be a better word to create/move the current page to?
        • Maaaaaaybe. Aim is indeed Apuntar, but not the place where you aim, more like the direction. For the place, I guess Targetting something was translated as Blanco because blanco (despite being the white color) is a common translation for Target. However, the word Objetivo fits it better. Use "objetivo", This way there won't be issues if you need to use Aim and Targetting words at the same time. Imagen de Aens :DSaelyth/Aens (Admin) discusión - 22:31 16 jul 2017 (CEST)
  • 1Si en:Release I have no idea. Need it to categorize a bunch of things, a navigation and for the page as well. Can't use "Actualizaciones" as that's updates and already in use/has a category.
    • Lanzamiento, based on the template Duat made. Will go with that.
  • 1Si Is en:Branch Bash really "Ramazo" or is it something like "Porrazo de rama" or "Golpe de rama"? Seems very weird, and the api has nothing.
  • No For airships: is it "Barcos voladores" or "aeronave"?
    • It's Aeronave. Ship can be translated as Barco or Navio, for flying ships we use the latter. Air things are "aero" so it becomes "aeronave" Imagen de Aens :DSaelyth/Aens (Admin) discusión - 05:33 11 jul 2018 (CEST)