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Burbujas Quaggan icono.png Hola: Yo soy Doodleplex. Mi español no es bueno (hablo inglés), así que discúlpame, pero probablemente cometeré algunos errores gramaticales.

To do[editar]

Mass completion list[editar]

  • dyes, finishers, probably minis, quick easy to get
    • Traits are kinda easy. All of the current Ranger traits are now up, just need variables.
    • All 181 common dyes have pages now.
    • All 94 outfits have pages.
    • All 80 of the non-legendary gliders/default have pages
    • Mail carriers, just 15, easy done.
    • All core game Gems(Joyas) are done. A few HoT and all of the PoF ones are all that's left
    • All of the non-PvP sigils/Sellos are done.
    • All profession/class/specialization and race skills(that I'm aware of) that are currently in the game have pages. This does not include trait skills since the traits themselves are not up to date yet. If skills are missing still it's possible they were renamed and the skill simply hasn't been moved yet. Only variables are missing.
    • All racial skills are done. Only variables are missing.
    • All Adventures have pages now.
    • All pet skills are done. Only variables are missing.
    • All current in game traits have pages. Only variables are missing.
    • All permanent finisher consumables have pages.
    • All foods, excluding feasts, have created and just need their recipes and or variables. Or at least the ones linked to the Food page. If there's missing foods, they're likely discontinued or historical.

Not updated related[editar]

  • Tiene contexto:NPC...really? X_x
  • en:Fion
  • Apparently I didn't do the crafting subpages for Cazador and Forjador de armaduras. No idea how that happened.
  • Festivals
    • Fix up Dragonicidio (2013) y Dragonicidio (2019)(this one should be next).
    • For Super Aventure Box/Super Adventure Festival all that's left is:
      • Sorting the 4 NPCs out, sorting the Spikes out, figuring out Furniture, getting NPC dialogue, and getting the skills. Also dig spots and NPC images. Of these only the dialogue and skills needs to be done during the festival, the rest can be done any time.
    • Finish up Año nuevo lunar, Halloween, y Día Invernal
      • All of the Halloween releases have pages. Now to make sure there are no wanted links on those pages.
      • Do the same for Día Invernal & Año nuevo lunar
    • Festival de los Cuatro Vientos - It's the easier of the two in terms of missing content, probably do that one next even though it's the one furthest away.
    • Festival de los Cuatro Vientos is the only festivals that still need a ton of work to fix up.
  • Usuario:Esarte/Sandbox 2 look into updating the main page as per Usuario:Esarte's makeover idea
    • Started. Did the graphics, added a few links, need to review the rest.
  • Make pages for all the gem store items, or at least for what is currently listed.
Ask Stephane to look into the following
  • "Masterwork" got renamed from "Obra de arte" to "Sobresaliente" sometime before 2015, since everything before uses "Obra de arte". Ruby - I think first name was "Sobresaliente" or "Obra maestra", now it's "Obra de arte", but they still use "Sobresaliente" for some things like salvage or name bags like Saco de equipo sobresaliente
    • Gracias. Looks like it's still sobresaliente in the trading post, but not on the items themselves. Hm.


  • Traits aren't as bad as I thought. Cool. It's just the mass of historical ones that are gonna be tricky.
  • Make sure nothing has the same id, ie two skills with the same id, due to copy paste oopsie
  • Gran maestro de artesanía Hobbs - his inventory both here and on EN wiki
  • en:Black Lion Chest/historical
    • weapon skin sets
  • en:Black Lion Chest/historical 1
  • Get all of the backlog of game updates. - Got all of the main updates from the old forums. Just need to get the small later edits now. I missed two in October 2013 Done. New forums are still around so not too worried about those at the moment, just the old forums. Did grab the PoF update, that should be the last of the major updates? Maybe?
    • Check Actualizaciones del juego/2013-09-17 for late updates times to see if need to be split or not
    • Make sure all of the updates aren't wonky(I think the two above were the last two I missed years ago)
    • Change the late updates to not look like their own section/level 3 headers & etc
  • pantalla de carga =
  • Vital Infusion (basic) - might need to check, these might no longer need the "basic" part here or there
  • Move Categoría:Modelos Renderizados de ArenaNet to Categoría:Modelos renderizados de ArenaNet
  • Fix stub category (oof)
    • Done. Need to do stub-section, but that can wait.
  • en:Category:Service items
  • Fix the mess of orphaned pages created by Sheepy-may
    • Fix images uploaded by Sheepy-may that have the wrong skin name. Oy...
  • Finish up the renown heart NPCs

Long term/time fixes[editar]

  • GW2Wiki:Sandbox - or "Clean up the mess of pages created by Sheepy-may"
  • Máscara bordada de curación, should be Máscara bordada curativa, fix at Plantilla:Fila de artesanía tabla
  • Make everything that has to do with Plantilla:Fila de artesanía tabla, glare at it, then never look back
    • Weapons seem to be all good now. I'll poke armor on the weekend.


Language/name checks[editar]

  • Ansia de sangre, Entrenamiento de concentración, Grito confuso, Llama de defensor, Velocidad furiosa, Trampas corrosivas, Elixires de efecto rápido -trait 2 icon (what was I on about here? O.o)
  • Move Plantilla:Evento recompensas to Plantilla:Recompensas evento
  • Ruby- The spelling rule in Spanish specifies that "rr" should be written when going between vowels. It's prerrequisito not prerequsito, so maybe a task for bot
    • Ooo, yeah, bot task for later, thank you!

Templates currently being worked on[editar]

To do
  • Set up "viaje" as a parameter for gizmo(or maybe toy because of EN categorizing) so that the infobox can autocategorize it.
To look into
Double check

Move this stuff to the project page, get it off here

  • Make sure all templates, properties, and File names are in Spanish(as much as possible) instead of English so any future editors have no issues updating them due to a language issue.
  • Plantilla:PNJ caja - No - double check and categories/icons/little stuff.
  • Plantilla:Diálogo/reparaciones Si - need the under leveled dialogue (I'm starting to wonder if it got removed....)
  • Plantilla:Evento caja - creating missing icon templates, make sure all parameters are translated
  • Plantilla:Parámetro de objeto predeterminado - No template is updated, descriptions needs to be done
  • Plantilla:Tinte caja - it works just fine and descriptions are done, however based on likely updates happening on the English wiki this is likely to be updated again soon. fixed those updates. Not sure if will touch the sort by grayscale as currently, nothing's broken so... Need to set up it so that not everything is auto-uppercase in the category. Oops.
  • Icon template/Mapa icono - started some of it to sort icons
  • Plantilla:Historia personal caja - the parameters, the sub page and update every page linked to it(just need to do the non-personal story ones now). Ruby got the images.
  • Plantilla:Aventura caja - description, parameters, etc.
  • Plantilla:Habilidad caja - I think it got changed majorly. Again. Sigh. Nah, we good. Just gotta translate some names. Annnd looks like I do need to look into it. Sighhh...
  • Stub/section-stb = Did minor tweaks, but need to fix it so things are categorized.

Templates to create[editar]

Things I don't know how to fix[editar]

To remember[editar]

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