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Burbujas Quaggan icono.png Hola: Yo soy Doodleplex. Mi español no es bueno (hablo inglés), así que discúlpame, pero probablemente cometeré algunos errores gramaticales.
Estoy limitado actualmente. Si necesita ayuda técnica, esta persona puede ayudarlo.(él habla inglas) - Doodleplex 01:07 18 jun 2019 (CEST)

To do[editar]

Tiene iniciador
Atributo:Tiene un objeto de desbloqueo

Epílogo: Las cenizas de los justos -?

  • Finish updating MediaWiki:Common.css - got the tables done and some misc stuff done like print option and some gallery stuff


  • Update/create templates for easy page creation
  • figure out why the event infobox wants area events instead of zone events
  • mark which templates need translations if I haven't already
  • create simple copy paste templates for pages so users have something easy to use
  • Figure out which is the correct name:
    • - Tabla Ventari or Tabla de Ventari - it's Tabla de Ventari (checked in game)
    • - Altas Legiones or Gran Legión (Think it's the first one) - according to and I was right, it's Altas Legiones, so the page should be Alto Legión
    • Vanguardia del Ébano or Vanguardia de Ébano? <- will go with API names, which is "Vanguardia de Ébano"
  • Ansia de sangre, Entrenamiento de concentración, Grito confuso, Llama de defensor, Velocidad furiosa, Trampas corrosivas, Elixires de efecto rápido -trait 2 icon

Templates currently being worked on[editar]

  • Plantilla:Receta Si Base queries don't work but I think that's related to something else
  • Plantilla:Área caja Si (may have to eventually look at the pet section, but that's the least of my worries at the moment), figure out why map objectives is wonky. (later update) I still have no idea why map objectives needs to be added in manually, but the widget works now and that is infinitely more important.
  • Plantilla:PNJ caja - No - it's updated, but now need to add categories/icons/little stuff.
  • Plantilla:Diálogo/reparaciones Si - need the under leveled dialogue
  • Plantilla:Evento caja - creating missing icon templates, make sure all parameters are translated
  • Plantilla:Default item parameter - No template is updated, descriptions needs to be done
  • Plantilla:Componente de mejora caja - update the descriptions
  • Plantilla:Mascota caja - description update
  • Plantilla:Tinte caja - it works just fine and descriptions are done, however based on likely updates happening on the English wiki this is likely to be updated again soon. fixed those updates. Not sure if will touch the sort by grayscale as currently, nothing's broken so...
  • Icon template - started some of it to sort icons

Templates not started working on yet[editar]

  • Stub/section-stb = Did minor tweaks, but need to fix it so things are categorized.
  • Plantilla:Historia personal caja

Templates to create[editar]

  • Guild upgrade
  • Armor gallery image
  • Youtube template
  • Mastery infobox

Things I don't know how to fix[editar]

To remember[editar]

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