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Not translated stuff[editar]

Hey Sheepy-may, you're doing an amazing job but you're leaving some texts unstranslated. We understand that you don't speak spanish and that's not a problem for us, but please add those articles to the next category: [[Categoría:Pendiente de traducir]]. That way we'll be able to track them down and translate them. Thank you! Imagen de Aens :DSaelyth / Aens Windstorm discusión - 20:32 12 nov 2015 (CET)

Una nota[editar]

Buenas, Sheepy-may. Antes que nada, gracias por tus colaboraciones en la wiki.

Pero venía a avisarte que ediciones como esta no están permitidas, ya que la wiki debe tener el contenido en español, no enlazar con el contenido de otras wikis.

Saludos! --Desaroll discusión 19:54 27 ago 2013 (CEST)

Lo sentimos, no se entiende mal. Voy a estar en el futuro. PD: No puedo muy bien el español. :) --Sheepy-may (discusión) 08:42 28 ago 2013 (CEST)
You should have said it :-P
Well, so, thanks for your collaborations (More thanks if you are doing them in a unknown language.
But I came to said that you shouldn't do editions like this one, cause they lead to a wiki which will be no complete in Spanish.
I understand that the language may be a barrier, but I should care for the work in the wiki, and I can't allow edits like that one. It's preferable to leave a red link (That is, a link to a no created article, like Escudo de Absorción), than linking them externally.
Again, thanks for your work, and if you need help while translating, you can contact me in English, and I'll be glad to help you. --Desaroll discusión 19:10 28 ago 2013 (CEST)


Thank you for your support on the spanish wiki. We appreciate ^^.

Where are you from? If you need translate something to spanish let me know.


--Extrat (discusión) 13:29 28 ago 2013 (CEST)

I am from Luxemburg, so I'm speaking French, German and English. I also understand a little bit italian. :D There are much words that are like in Italien or in French, so spanish isn't too hard for me :)--Sheepy-may (discusión) 13:36 28 ago 2013 (CEST)

I'd like to get in touch with you :)[editar]


I'm Stéphane, the Wiki Liaison for ArenaNet, the studio creating Guild Wars 2 (and hosting these wikis). Could you send me an email (via the link "Email this user" when you go to my personal page)? Since you're an active user here, I want to see how I can help you, if possible. Thanks for all your work here! --Stéphane Lo Presti discussion 22:50 13 ene 2016 (CET)