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About testing wikis[editar]

Dear Stephane Lo Presti

I'm a spanish wiki colaborator. I read that you're "looking for Spanish testers for our wiki test environments". Could you explain me, please, the details about that work?

Kind regards.

Alexander C. (Rekuer)

Hi Alexander/Rekuer,
I've put all the details in this section of my last big update: en:User:Stephane_Lo_Presti#Update_of_the_wikis_to_MediaWiki_1.20
Feel free to apply by following the instructions. Thanks! --Stéphane Lo Presti discussion 23:56 7 mar 2013 (CET)

Opportunity for the wiki[editar]

Please post your feedback here ^^ --Stéphane Lo Presti discussion 00:46 19 jun 2013 (CEST)

Hi Stéphane! I would like to ask a few question to see how to organize the postulation/selection/votation:
  • Is there a deadline yet?
  • How many slots do you have for the Spanish Wiki? (Or if it's variable if there are enough people)
  • Can we ask for additional requisites? (Ej: A minimum of 10 collaborations in the wiki).
Thanks! --Desaroll discusión 14:57 19 jun 2013 (CEST) Sorry, they were previously answered. This happens when you read things fast.
I'm going to start the whole thing (Translating the message as an start) as I return to my home. --Desaroll discusión 19:02 19 jun 2013 (CEST)
No worries Desaroll, let me know if you have further questions and what the Spanish wiki community thinks about that. Thank you! --Stéphane Lo Presti discussion 20:24 19 jun 2013 (CEST)
I don't know how is your Spanish, but if you can read this and say your opinion, I'll be thankful. I'd put some restriction to evade opportunists in the event. Even when this limits the people who is able to enter, I think it's better to have good quality ones (I excluded myself to prevent accusations). Thanks! --Desaroll discusión 23:22 19 jun 2013 (CEST)
Thanks for putting this together Desaroll. I only had 3 years of Spanish a long while ago so I'm afraid I can't help with that. --Stéphane Lo Presti discussion 19:02 20 jun 2013 (CEST)

RE: Adding a "Buy GW2" link on the wiki - August 13, 2013[editar]

Agregar un enlace a "Compra GW2" en la wiki - 13 de Agosto de 2013.

Hola a todos, Estabamos discutiendo con el equipo de la comunidad la posibilidad de agregar un boton/enlace de "comprar" en la wiki. Esto se podría hacer de varias formas, pero estaba pensando en simplemente agregar un enlace de texto (¿Con color?) en la barra de navegación de la izquierda así no queda tan invasivo. Quisiera preguntarle a la comunidad de la wiki la opinion sobre esto, si es posible antes del fin de semana. ¡Podéis uniros en mi página de discusión para hablar de esto!

EDIT: el enlace tambien podría ser un "Prueba GW2" cuando estemos haciendo pruebas gratuitas, y esto podría ser mas acorde a la naturaleza de las wikis. Gracias.

— Stéphane Lo Presti [1] Traducción por Desaroll

I preffer the "Try GW2" link than the "Buy" one. Maybe adding the link on the top-left bar?

(I'll be reading the conversation, and I'll be translating the messages of all the users to both languages to facilitate the comunication. Give your opinion, this is an interesting and important topic.)

Personalmente prefiero el enlace de "Prueba GW2" que el de "Compra". ¿Quizás se podría añadir el enlace en la barra de arriba a la izquierda?

(Estaré atento a esta discusión y traduciré los mensajes de todos los usuarios a ambos idiomas para facilitar la lectura. Dad vuestra opinión, que es un tema interesante e importante.) --Desaroll discusión 21:18 14 ago 2013 (CEST)

Sobre el tema del boton de compra, yo me inclinaria mas por un banner al estilo artistico del Guild wars 2 (Como los titulos de la portada, pero en otro color) y con el texto Prueba guild wars 2 tal como dijo Desaroll seria lo ideal.

About the topic of the buy button, I would choose better one banner with the guild wars 2 artistic style (Like the titles in the homepage but in other color) and with the text try Guildwars 2 (or try GW2) like Desarrol say will be the best choice --Reskar (discusión) 22:40 14 ago 2013 (CEST)

I preffer the "Try GW2" button than the "buy" one too. On the left navbar would be nice but i think on the top of the page too between "Discussion" and "read" with other color and more big, i think. Hoewever the "buy" button also would be a nice idea. Cheers :).

Yo también prefiero el botón de "Prueba Gw2" que el de "compra". En la barra de navegación de la izquierda estaría bien, pero pienso que arriba de la página, entre "Discusión" y "leer" con otro color y mas grande también, pienso yo. De todas formas el botón de "compra" también sería una buena idea. Saludos :).Extrat (discusión) 11:31 15 ago 2013 (CEST)

Updates & Improvements[editar]

Hi Stephane.

I'll leave the data merging what you suggested and what we need:

$wgLogo:http =
$wgRightsUrl =
$wgAutoConfirmCount = 15
$wgAutoConfirmAge = 1 day
$wgShowIPinHeader = False
$wgCaptchaTriggers['create'] = False
$wgAbuseFilterEmergencyDisableThreshold = 2
$wgAbuseFilterEmergencyDisableAge = 0
$wgAbuseFilterBlockDuration = 1 days

We could use the spamblacklist, Loops and CharacterEscapes extensions, and I think the extensions RenameUsers and ImageMap would be useful, even when by now we don't need them by now.

The DPL update won't cause much trouble, cause we aren't heavily using it (So, any problem will be minor)

I'll trust the English Wiki admins about the QuestyCaptcha, cause they have far more experience than us with that, so if you could update it, we will be grateful.

For the $wgLocalInterwiki variable, we don't have any request for it. I guess the wikis should have some kind of format to remember them easier (Kinda GW2W[EN/FR/GR/ES]), and any of them would be fine to us.

I saw they (GW2W.EN) added to the list the SMW update, and, as we are on it, if it isn't trouble, add it too.


PD: Any user's input is welcome. (Cualquier opinion de los demas usuarios es bienvenida) --Desaroll discusión 00:35 5 sep 2013 (CEST)

New captcha[editar]

I don't think there are issues changing the Captcha system. We barely use it so there won't be a huge impact, so feel free to do it. Would the wiki need to be on maintenance stop for such change? Imagen de Aens :DSaelyth / Aens Windstorm discusión - 04:25 1 feb 2016 (CET)

Discusión sobre el programa "Wiki de Oro" de la wiki de Guild Wars 2 en español[editar]


Please note that I do not speak Spanish, unfortunately. Let me know what you think about the idea discussed in the news I posted.

Thank you! --Stéphane Lo Presti discussion 01:40 29 mar 2017 (CEST)

On Wiki of Gold[editar]

Dear Stéphane Lo Presti

My name is Julián and as we talked each other before, I would like to apply for the proyect. I have just create an account for being editor but the thing is that I have never done anything like this before so I would like to learn here ^^. You said something about `translating English articles into Spanish' It sounds great so it would be fantastic if I could work on this area, as a traductor instead of writing. I have to mention that I have a B2 in English.

Lot of respect.

Julian --JimGar discussion 19:45 30 mar 2018 (CEST)

Hi Julian,
First of all, thanks for making the jump to the wiki! As I said in my email, we're looking for someone to manage the On Wiki of Gold project and until we have a person in place, the project will not be launched.
Until then I encourage you to learn about editing the wiki via this page: :
As you may know, the wiki is for players to edit so I'll let you engage in the discussion with other Spanish editors.
Thanks a lot for your participation :)
ONE NOTE: I added a signature to your message as it's usual the customs on wiki to do! You can customize it in your preference and then apply it every time you comment on a discussion by clicking the Signature button above the text edit window. Do not sign your edits on articles though!
--Stéphane Lo Presti discussion 19:45 30 mar 2018 (CEST)
Thank so much to you Stéphane. I'm going to try to learn about editiding these days. I hope you find someone for that relevant job soon ( I don't see my self there hahaha ). Until then, I will be waiting for that person and learning what you said.
Lot of love
--JimGar (discusión) 19:59 30 mar 2018 (CEST)
No problem Julian. Since you speak English, you can also find a lot of help on the English wiki (other editors but also some help about formatting and other technical topics). --Stéphane Lo Presti discussion 20:01 30 mar 2018 (CEST)

In-game errors[editar]

I add here errors I've been seeing in-game Ruby (discusión) 19:43 20 nov 2019 (CET)



  • There are some chests of Daily Living World Season 4 when you use a female character you still see "héroe" instead of "heroína" (Grothmar, jahai, kourna)
  • After the update this 19th of November, the daily chest of Grothmar still says you earn experience of desert.


  • At the achievement panel, when you go for example at the New map achievements, click at the mastery of Bjora Marches and use the arrows to right or left, you can't see all the achievements in that category, sometimes only 2 or 3, this error is there for months since the chapter of Grothmar or maybe before
Thank you Ruby! I've passed on this feedback to the relevant person --Stéphane Lo Presti discussion 19:20 25 nov 2019 (CET)


Hola Stéphane Lo Presti. No se con quien tenga que comunicarme, Doodleplex me digo que seria bueno que te lo comunique a ti.

Quería saber si es posible que se pueda crear una Guild Wiki en Español, parecida al que ya tienen en inglés, de esta forma ayudaría a muchos jugadores que quieran una guía del GW1, traducida al español. Se que hay una NO OFICIAL, pero esta desactualizado y la verdad no es tan completa. Espero puedas hacer algo al respecto, comunicárselo a tu supervisor o jefe. Gracias. :) ----Angelica (discusión) 00:20 26 sep 2020 (CEST)