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Mass page completion[editar]

  • All area pages have pages now (minus those in World versus World because they don't show up in the API currently)
  • All 181 common dyes have pages now.
  • All 94 outfits have pages.
  • All 80 of the non-legendary gliders/default have pages
  • Mail carriers, just 15, easy done.
  • All core game Gems(Joyas) are done. A few HoT and all of the PoF ones are all that's left
  • All of the non-PvP sigils/Sellos are done.
  • All profession/class/specialization and race skills(that I'm aware of) that are currently in the game have pages. This does not include trait skills since the traits themselves are not up to date yet. If skills are missing still it's possible they were renamed and the skill simply hasn't been moved yet. Only variables are missing.
  • All racial skills are done. Only variables are missing.
  • All Adventures have pages now.
  • All pet skills are done. Only variables are missing.
  • All current in game traits have pages. Only variables are missing.
  • All permanent finisher consumables have pages.
  • All foods, excluding feasts, have created and just need their recipes and or variables. Or at least the ones linked to the Food page. If there's missing foods, they're likely discontinued or historical.

The end of[editar]

The missing Living World Season 1 story instances[editar]

Should be the right name
Still missing proper names
  • El origen de la locura: A Moment's Peace -
  • A Future in Politics -

Festival del Dragonicidio[editar]

  • Piñaticidio adventure skills - only the descriptions, I have screenshots, can do later
  • Moa Race Bet - Apuesta de la carrera de moas
  • Dragon Plate
  • Triumphant Dragon Bash Poster


  • to be listed


  • to be listed

SAB content[editar]

  • Moto (Super Adventure Box) - Moto (SAB) - No I wonder if all should be on Moto's page like Gourdon...
  • Helpful Friend - Amigo servicial, but need to verify who is who - Ruby - I have seen that in the English wiki it is the one at Pico Tormenta, but I saw another one in the Rápidos and I have not seen any info about him there.
  • Mysterious Stranger (Super Adventure Box) - Extraño misterioso (SAB) Extraña misteriosa is what I saw. Need to check - It's Extraña misteriosa
  • Villager (Super Adventure Box) - Aldeano though the video shows the over head name as Shopkeeper, I think this was a bug that got fixed? Will need to verify when it launches. I dont think it was fixed. oh dear.
  • Spikes - Pinchos - No actually there maybe an issue of two things having the same name. EN fix before it's here
    • Ice Spike (Super Adventure Box) - Pincho de hielo maybe? Chat log just says Spikes. Hmm. Ruby - I think this and spikes should merge in the page Spikes or Spikes (SAB)

The mess[editar]