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La batalla de Arco del León/archivo

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Disambig icon.pngEste es un artículo acerca de el lanzamiento de 2014. Para otros usos, véase La batalla de Arco del León (desambiguación).
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Ha llegado la hora del enfrentamiento final con Scarlet Briar. ¡Recuperad Arco del León y poned fin a sus monstruosos planes!

— Página oficial

La batalla de Arco del León es un lanzamiento que se lanzó e Marzo 4, 2014.


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After the update, the following mail was sent to all players:

Carta (Icono).png

Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed, Captain's Council, Lion's Arch

We are taking back Lion's Arch!

The Lionguard have regrouped, and we are ready. With our allies from the Vigil, Durmand Priory, and the Order of Whispers, we will storm Lion's Arch, establish rally positions, cut down Scarlet's forces, and take the fight to Scarlet herself.

After a year of suffering, invasion, and death at her hands, we have Scarlet right where we want her. Come to Lion's Arch with your rage and your best weapons. Show no mercy to Scarlet and her damned followers. Today begins a battle that will be sung about for years to come. Fight alongside me as we take back our city and wipe Scarlet off the face of Tyria forever.

To battle!

—Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed

During the aftermath, players received another mail:

Carta (Icono).png

Marjory Delaqua

Sorting Out Scarlet's Plans

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that Scarlet's actions aren't as random as they seem. There's a pattern here, something she's working toward, and we need to figure it out.

I called in every favor I had with the Prior, and they're sending us the evidence they collected around Scarlet's crimes so far. They're shipping it all to the Dead End bar so we can start Piecing it together. Get here as soon as you can. We need you if we're going to finally get some answers.

—Marjory Delaqua

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