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Mi historia[editar]

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I joined Agent Batanga in infiltrating Councillor Flax's office. We outsmarted his krewe chief, Filka, acquired the materials to forge the permission we needed to access Professor Gorr's lab. With our fake documents in hand, we headed for Gorr's lab to determine what happend to our missing genius.

Our forged papers got us past Rakt of the Arcane Eye just long enough to verify that Professor Gorr isn't dead: there was a body at the scene, but it was not Gorr's. After Rakt grew suspicious and ran us off, we agreed to share what we've learned with Zojja and the other order reps before I decide on our next step.

I met with Zojja and the order reps, and we agreed: Rakt and the Arcane Eye have obviously faked Gorr's death and have him on ice somewhere. We don't know why yet, but we decided that in order to solve this mystery, our next step is to rescue Gorr.

Mi historia