Sujeto de prueba (historia)

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Disambig icon.pngEste es un artículo acerca de la historia personal asura. Para la instancia de Mundo Viviente 4, véase El sujeto de prueba.









Mi historia[editar]

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Scholar Krasso and I helped prove Professor Gorr's theory by bombarding a captive dragon minion with magical energy and measuring the results. The minion grew so strong that it broke free and had to be put down, but we got our proof. We agreed to consult Zojja and the other order reps before we decide on our next course of action.

All three orders of Tyria presented plans to disseminate the proof of Professor Gorr's theory. Zojja explained that whichever order's plan I chose would be the order I joined permanently as part of her long-range goal of building strong alliances against the Elder Dragons. I made my choice, and we set out to show the world that Gorr is right: dragons eat magic.

Mi historia